A major driving force in American foreign language education, InterPrep’s services are regarded as cutting edge with a keen focus on designing and implementing foreign language programs that are appropriate and meaningful for 21st century learners.  Its services include:


InterPrep . . . providing consultative assistance to schools, districts, higher education and other educationally focused institutions

in world language education

If the United States is to be a competitive and leading presence in the 21st century world, schools and institutions of higher education must equip its citizenry with the ability to communicate successfully in languages other than English and to operate within those cultures.

  1. Professional development for foreign language teachers and school administrators

  2. Curriculum development that emanates from national, state and local standards

  3. Instructional unit design and lesson planning tied to curriculum and created to motivate and inspire students

  4. Performance-based assessment design to measure teaching and learning

  5. Long-range planning for school and/or district programs

  1. Grant consultancies and/or grant evaluation

  2. Keynote speeches and/or featured workshops for professional conferences

  3. Authorship of articles/chapters in foreign language and international education publications

  4. Project management in foreign languages, English as a second language and/or international education

  1. Program review that may lead to the development of improvement plans

InterPrep enjoys a singular and unique reputation for excellence in the American and international language education communities.  The company and its founder are committed to the advancement of the world language and international education goals of the constituents that it is privileged to serve.  

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